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Jun 22 '12

The continued trials and tribulations of my mother and Fifty Shades of Grey

  • Mom: So, I've gotten to the sex,
  • Mom: Um...
  • Me: Oh dear.
  • Mom: No no, it's just...
  • Mom: How do I say this?
  • Mom: I guess...this is normal now? To be reading this stuff on airplanes? It'
  • Mom: Ten years ago, people wouldn't talk about reading this book. You'd whisper about it in secret. But now, I's acceptable? Our culture has changed a lot.
  • Mom: Because it's REALLY. raunchy.
  • Me: Except it's not.
  • Mom: ....
  • Me: I've read enough of the book to know that it's pretty tame.
  • Mom: It's...what's the word? S&M?
  • Me: I know what BDSM is, Mom.
  • Mom: ...So, you know, another S&M book is the Sleeping Beauty books by Anne -
  • Me: YES, I know what those are.
  • Mom: ...Oh.
  • Mom: 'Cause that's also S&M.
  • Mom: I mean.
  • Mom: You can read those.
  • Mom: If you want to.
  • Mom: They're very... raunchy.
  • Mom: So.
  • Mom: I guess you can read them.
  • Mom: Good talk.