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May 9 '13

TRIGGER WARNING: RACISM, MISOGYNY. That first image is there for a reason.

I wanted to give people a heads up about The_Lady_Templar on Ao3. They’ve also gone by Hang ‘Em And Burn ‘Em.

This is a chronicle of the interaction I’ve had with them so far. All the comments except the fourth screenshot were on this fic; I only mention this because I believe it’s worth noting that said fic features Billie Lurk and is a female-centric interlude in an explicitly female-centric AU series. The fourth comment (the “love letters?” one) is on this drabble. This is the oft-referenced tumblr post that apparently kicked off the discussion.

Hang ‘Em And Burn ‘Em posted the first comment; I responded, intending to deal with them fairly civilly and clear up some points where they’d misunderstood me. In retrospect this was a mistake. The rearview mirror is 20/20. This resulted in screenshots three and four, at which point I realized debate was a waste of breath and deleted the threads. Which resulted in the rant beginning in screenshot five.

I deleted said rant, and today I found that The_Lady_Templar (a new user) had made the comment in screenshot eight claiming that she was the same person, and then re-copied the rant word-for-word (adding at the end “Hopefully you want [sic] bawwwwwlete my comments.”). (I DO believe The_Lady_Templar’s claim that she and Hang ‘Em And Burn ‘Em are the same person - the initial comment thread was up for so little time that it’s unlikely a new person copied it, and much more likely that Templar/Hang ‘Em had the comment on file.)

This is where things currently stand.

This person has been bothering other people, not just me. Please, keep an eye out. This has been a PSA.

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    Holy shit. I always stare in wonderment at such backward and fucked thinking when I see it. She went into a full...
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    Ah! Mine was from the grossly misnamed “Lady”. I do hope this person finds the courage to come out one day.
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    Yeah. They are actually making a point of CREATING user accounts to get around the system that is in place to protect...
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